Minimum order for the products below is $40 and require 3-days notice. We can do custom flavors with a minimum order of $200.

Many items can be made sugar free, gluten free, or vegan. Just ask!


Large: $15/dozen

Small: $12/dozen

(min order: 1 dozen per flavor)

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Dark Cocoa 

  • Dumpster
    chocolate, peanut butter, and butterscotch chips, oatmeal, coconut, pretzels, and potato chips

  • Confetti
    sugar cookie with confetti sprinkles and white chocolate chips)

  • Peanut Butter (always gluten free)


Buttery Coconut Bars $18/dozen (min order 2 dozen)

a coconut macaroon meets a bar cookie

Fudgy Brownies $18/dozen (min order 2 dozen)

Gluten Free Brownies $24/dozen (min order 2 dozen)

Gooey Cinnamon Butter Cake Squares $15/dozen (min order 2 dozen)

Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats $12/dozen (min order 2 dozen)

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Mini Size  $18/dozen
gluten free  $22/dozen

min order 2 dozen per flavor

Standard Size  $32/dozen
gluten free  $40/dozen
min order 1 dozen per flavor


4-inch  (serves 4-6)  $20
gluten free  $24

6-inch  (serves 6-12)  $45
gluten free  $52

8-inch  (serves 14-24)  $72
gluten free  $81

10-inch  (serves 20-38)  $114
gluten free  $125

12-inch  (serves 28-56)  $168
gluten free  $188

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All Chocolate
chocolate cake, filled with whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate ganache

Chocolate Salted Caramel
chocolate cake, filled with caramel, chocolate frosting, topped with caramel and maldon sea salt

Cookies n’ Cream
chocolate cake, filled with oreo mousse, oreo frosting, topped with chocolate ganache and chopped oreos

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter cookie dough, peanut butter frosting, topped with chocolate ganache


chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow fluff with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallow frosting, topped with chocolate ganache and graham cracker crumbs

Irish Car Bomb

chocolate stout cake, filled with whiskey infused caramel, bailey's irish cream frosting, topped with whiskey caramel

Almond Raspberry

almond cake, filled with raspberry coulis and whipped cream, vanilla frosting, topped with raspberry coulis and slivered almonds

Brown Butter Toffee
vanilla cake, filled with toffee sauce, brown butter frosting, topped with toffee sauce and maldon sea salt

Strawberry Cheesecake
vanilla cake, filled with strawberry coulis and whipped cheesecake, vanilla frosting, topped with strawberry coulis and graham cracker crumbs

Blueberry Lemon

vanilla cake, filled with lemon curd and blueberry coulis, blueberry frosting, topped with a fresh blueberry and candied lemon zest

Classic Raspberry

vanilla cake, filled with raspberry coulis, raspberry frosting, topped with raspberry coulis

Banana Dulce de Leche
vanilla cake, filled with fried bananas, vanilla frosting, topped with dulce de leche

Birthday Cake
vanilla confetti cake, filled with whipped cream, vanilla frosting, topped with a generous amount of sprinkles

champagne cake, filled with orange curd, orange frosting, topped with candied orange zest

Lemon Champagne
champagne cake, filled with lemon curd, lemon frosting, topped with candied lemon zest

Strawberries and Champagne

champagne cake, filled with strawberry coulis, strawberry frosting, topped with fresh strawberry or strawberry coulis

Caramel Carrot

carrot cake, filled with caramel, cream cheese frosting, topped with more caramel

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